Optimize the Creation of Performance Reporting White Paper

The need for transparency into investments continues to grow given the turbulent times following the financial crisis of 2008-2009 and the increasing complexity of private wealth portfolios. Investment performance reports are relied upon to deliver increased levels of information, reveal critical insights and drive action in order to protect and grow assets. However, if the data is not easily understood by the end user, the reports may in fact produce the opposite effect. By building a firm understanding of the needs and investment knowledge of each group of stakeholders, investors are able to create custom-designed performance reports that will provide a greater degree of transparency and facilitate deeper understanding and better decision-making and over time.

Download this white paper today to discover:

  • Learn why tailoring report creation to the individual user is essential to success
  • Understand the types of investors involved in performance reporting
  • Discover how to determine what type of reporting information will be most valuable to investors based on their roles and responsibilities


Optimize the Creation of Performance Reporting white pape